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Here are recent entries I wrote on other sites: Fast and Far, Together This post on the Code for America (CfA) blog is a brief recap of the CfA Institute, the training program the Fellows completed before each team's February residency.  During my residency in Austin, the experiences of the Institute served as an invaluable reference during meetings, personal and team planning, responding to feedback, managing my own expectations and more.  Individually or as a team, there is a constant tension between competing visions of leadership and metrics of progress. Entrance to Austin Council Chambers "To go fast, go alone.  To go far, go together."  My default starting point is to work alone, developing and vetting ideas before getting others involved.  This approach can have the unintended consequence of being seen as myopic, uncompromising or apathetic to the concerns of others.  Or, as an inarticulate braindump in search of an audience.  The issue is usually one of co