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Drupal Workflow with Drush, Git and git-ftp

As I prepare to upgrade some sites to Drupal 7, it seemed like a good time to document my workflow. I'd used  Drush  for local development on Drupal 6 sites and it eliminated the time spent manually downloading modules and updates. In Drupal 7, module updating isn't nearly as painful - in fact, it's built right into the admin pages (though you'll probably want to do this on a local or staging server first, just in case). A few sites I'm working on are hosted with a cPanel-based host that doesn't allow ssh access, so I can't just set up a git remote and push to the production server. Moving them to another host also isn't the best option right now.  Git-ftp to the rescue. tl:dr  Set up your site and Drush locally, commit changes to git, test then use git-ftp to push them to the production server Here's how I set up things up: Set up your site locally. For OS X, I go with MAMP .  Install Drush  and git-ftp on your machine. Initialize a git re

Song-Beverly and PII

Last week, the California Supreme Court decided a case ( pdf ) involving application of the  Song-Beverly Credit Card Act, California Civil Code 1747 , to the collection of telephone numbers and addresses by Apple during the sale of iTunes downloads. The majority reached a narrow, fact-based holding that there's no support in the legislative intent or statutory scheme to apply the Act to electronic transactions involving downloads. Three justices signed on to two written dissents expressing myriad concerns with the majority's difficult reading of the statute. Section 1747.08 of the Act prohibits retailers from collecting "personal identification information" or requiring it to be written on transaction forms for credit card transactions. The Act defines PII as “information concerning the cardholder, other than information set forth on the credit card, and including, but not limited to, the cardholder’s address and telephone number.” The majority acknowledges am