NovEmber #TMIL

Over the summer, I decided it was time to learn a client-side Javascript framework. I chose to start with Ember, mostly because it felt more like Rails and I kept hearing about the combination of an Ember app with a Rails backend. While I usually jump right in and try to build something, I had enough other coding side projects going on at the time (and it was summer!), so I joined the Ember Weekly mailing list, attended a few of the NYC meetups and kept a loose eye on things... which have been moving along quickly! By November, it was time for another look.

I started here then began going through the official Ember Guides and browsing some other sources. Up next? I'd like to use Ember for this Rails project's admin page to have a single view for all CRUD actions. Also, it would be fun to play with the Rdio API as demonstrated by core team member Erik Bryn in this talk, and add some other features (like streaming via AirPlay, searching and displaying artist bios or Wikipedia entries, etc.). We'll see what 2015 brings...

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